Hello September! Hello Fall!

Dear September,

Rhein-Herne-Kanal im September 2013

I love you. I love you for quiet and bright mornings, for warm afternoons and cool nights.
I'll share my blanket with you: I'm on the warm and cozy side below and your fresh breath hovers over it.

I'm looking forward to evenings in shorts and hoodies while I watch the light blue of the sky turn into a pale rose as the last golden beams of summer fall on fluffy clouds until the night embraces me with a mighty navy.

I know that you are going to be a bittersweet month.
I know that you cannot compete with your older brother of 2008. 

Herne, Stadt der Phantasie, September 2013

And still: I love you.

P.S.: The pictures in this post were taken in September 2013 and I posted them on Instagram. I hope there will be lots of warm and sunny days in this month!

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